A customizable DNS server written in Java.

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Copyright 2000 Eric Kidd. All rights reserved. This contents of this website may be distributed under the same license as CustomDNS.

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Commercial Support

THE CURRENT RELEASE IS A DEVELOPMENT VERSION. Use it at your own risk, and please report any bugs. CustomDNS is free software distributed under the XFree86 license.

You can download the latest version of CustomDNS through our SourceForge download page. Two packages are available:

  • customdns: Source code for the server and the clients.
  • customdns-client: A prepackaged binary of the Java client.

The client is only necessary if you get tired of using the web interface to set your address.

The packages named "livedns" are older, development releases. They're available for historical reasons only; you don't need them.

If you want to make RPMs or Debian packages, we'd love to have them.