A customizable DNS server written in Java.

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Copyright 2000 Eric Kidd. All rights reserved. This contents of this website may be distributed under the same license as CustomDNS.

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CustomDNS was written by Eric Kidd <> with lots of help:

  • Hewlett-Packard's e-speak team generously sponsored the development of CustomDNS. In particular, Kevin Smathers was extremely helpful (and patient, when I was overwhelmed with other stuff).
  • sourceXchange acted as the clearing house for this project. They were professional, prompt and very helpful.
  • Michael Smith provided lots of useful input, wrote a Perl client, and provided excellent installation notes. Thanks, Mike!
  • Brian Wellington kindly allowed me to use his dnsjava package. I carved Brian's code up in a pretty horrifying fashion, though, so please blame all the bugs on me, not him.
  • Jen Dziura of Propagandize graciously allowed me to re-use the sign-up and authentication code in customdns.cgi. I'd originally written this for use on one of the websites produced by her company.

Thank you to everyone who helped!