A customizable DNS server written in Java.

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If you're impatient, try out the online demo right now, and continue reading once you've registered a hostname.

Done? Good.

CustomDNS is a modular DNS server. It's designed to serve virtual zones. These are zones in which certain address records are computed on the fly. For example, an ISP might want to provide hostnames for its users:

CustomDNS can be modified to look these addresses up in a database or talk to your pre-existing software. And you won't need to make dhcpd send DDNS updates to bind, or anything similarly horrible.

CustomDNS is based on Brian Wellington's dnsjava package. The individual components communicate via Hewlett-Packard's e-speak (which is GPL'd). See How it Works for all the messy details.

See the list of Credits for our sponsors and contributors. Thank you to everyone who's helped! And if you'd like to contribute to the project, please sign up at our SourceForge site.